How to Make your First Move Successfully

If you are wondering how to make your first move successfully? In Guardamuebles y Mudanzas Sotogrande, we explain some tricks for you.

Everyone is looking forward to having their first floor or moving to a new one. It’s not just a big step towards independence but synonymous with freedom and party. Despite everything, sooner or later you run into some problems. Unfortunately, making a move also comes with many obligations. It can be a very stressful episode if you don’t organize it well. Despite all the difficulties or because of them, one becomes an adult and accumulates meaningful experiences for later life.

Hiring a moving company is the easiest way to eliminate worries. But you have to plan everything:

1. Write a to-do list.

It will cost you nothing, and it is essential to plan the time you have until the day of the move, eliminate nervousness and not take unpleasant surprises at the last minute.

If you use our service as a moving company, many things will be done automatically for you. However, it’s always worth checking out a good to-do list for your move-in preparation. Checklists have proven to be a good help in maintaining an overview of the process.

In the end, a good checklist will help you save and increase the satisfaction with which you are moving to a new home. It directly impacts all moving costs: it provides information on how many people I need to help move and how exactly the move can be carried out.

2. Hire the right moving company

Professional moving companies aren’t always as expensive as you might expect. And if so, it is due to the quality of the staff and the scope of service they can offer.

Do you want to organize the transport of your furniture and boxes? Or do you also need help to disassemble and reassemble the furniture? If you want a perfect service from A to Z, you are in good hands with a trusted moving company. Guardamuebles y Mudanzas offers you its moving services in Marbella, Estepona, Manilva, Algeciras, La Linea, Los Barrios, and more. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore, and you save yourself a lot of nerves. For this, you have professionals by your side. If something breaks or suffers during transport, the company’s insurance will cover the costs.

3. Organize packing by rooms

And also label the packing boxes. This way, we will have everything organized when it comes to unpacking.

“Where should it go?” It’s more important than “What’s inside?” Your assistants don’t know where everything goes in the new house. Therefore, you should label the box’s destination and not the contents.


And don’t forget: the key to the question How to make your first move successfully? you have it in Mudanzas Sotogrande. You’ll be in good hands. We are leaders in removals and furniture storage on the Costa del Sol and Campo de Gibraltar.