Advantages of Using a Furniture Storage

Many people are unaware of the advantages of using a furniture storage. They can be useful in various situations, for companies and private individuals.

A furniture storage is a place to store furniture and belongings for as long as they are needed. Foodstuffs, plants and inflammable products cannot be stored.

Furniture storage have large areas in which the location is unattractive to other industries or offices.

The furniture repositories also offer other services such as storage rooms or mini warehouses and the storage of documentation.  Depending on our needs, we will use one or the other.

When is the time for using furniture storage?

Storage rooms or mini-storerooms are a very useful resource for the self-employed and small business owners who need to store their work equipment. The same applies to sportsmen and sportswomen who have very bulky equipment such as windsurfing boards, collectors, etc.

However, the furniture repository service is more focused on:


On the other hand, companies use a furniture repository for storing documents. It is very convenient for them to use a furniture repository to keep safe all the documents they are not using, but which they are obliged to keep. There are two types of storage:

What is the storage system?

At Guardamuebles y Mudanzas Sotogrande we have facilities with all the guarantees:


We have two types of storage depending on the type of contents to be stored: boxes and containers. The boxes are lockable and separately lockable rooms; the containers are wooden crates of various sizes.


Our company offers maximum security. On one hand, our facilities have a 24-hour surveillance system, 365 days a year. And, on the other hand, your belongings are insured so that you can rest assured.


In conclusion, Guardamuebles Sotogrande offers you all the advantages of using a furniture storage at the best price, with a customised solution and facilities to store your belongings with complete confidence and safety.